General Photography

On this page I'm presenting my general photograph albums. Elsewhere on the site are my graves and graveyards albums, and also my special Greenham Common site and the story of Sterling cables.

But I take lots of pictures and it's only fair to you to allow you the opportunity to have a look at them. So here goes.

An Autumn Diary - Page 1
Autumn inexorably follows summer, appearing almost without being noticed as August fades away.

This is my first Autumn album, showing how early September turns nature into red and gold
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An Autumn Diary - Page 2
Our Autumn Diary continues with another page of pictures. Ferns are in abundance.
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Savill Garden - Page 1
I visit Savill Garden. Since its creation in the 1930s, The Savill Garden has been an inspiration for all. This natural haven of beautifully designed gardens and woodland can be enjoyed by everyone, from dedicated horticulturists to those who just want to spend a relaxing day out with family or friends. The 35 acres of interconnected gardens include the Hidden Gardens, Spring Wood, the Summer Gardens, the New Zealand Garden, Summer Wood, The Glades, Autumn Wood and the Winter Beds.
21 pictures in this album, 21 in page 2.
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Savill Garden - Page 2
My second Savill Gardens album.
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Didcot Railway Centre - Part 1
Didcot, Oxfordshire, is a small town not a million miles from Oxford itself. It features an important railway junction and station, Didcot Parkway, and was until very recently home of one of the largest power stations in the UK, though the latter ceased producing volts some time ago and is nowadays being slowly demolished.

But the star of Didcot is Didcot Railway Centre. The headquarters of the Great Western Society, this enormous site is an open-air museum dedicated to the preservation of old/ancient railway rolling stock and equipment.
As well as being fascinating in that latter respect, it's a haven for photographers, with rust, texture and features guaranteed to get your shutter finger itching.

From their own website:
Different to other steam railway experiences - Because it is really a depot and can be described as an outdoor museum. Plenty of old trains and rolling stock to see and you can ride some albeit on a very small demonstration line. But for a different steam experience this is recommended. Maybe best to go on an event day.

Three pages of pictures.
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Didcot Railway Centre - Part 2
Didcot Railway Centre continued ...
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Didcot Railway Centre - Part 3
Didcot Railway Centre continued ...
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Combe Gibbet
Wikipedia (with thanks) says:
Combe Gibbet is a gibbet at the top of Gallows Down, near the village of Combe in Berkshire.
The gibbet is located on the Test Way close to the Berkshire-Hampshire border, it is named after the village of Combe, but it is also close to Inkpen. The nearest sizeable town is Newbury in Berkshire. It is built on top of a long barrow known as the Inkpen long barrow. The long barrow is 60 m long and 22 m wide. Walbury Hill (the highest point in South East England) is just a little further to the east.
It was erected in 1676 for the purpose of gibbeting the bodies of George Broomham and Dorothy Newman and has only ever been used for them. The gibbet was placed in such a prominent location as a warning, to deter others from committing crimes. Broomham and Newman were having an affair and were hanged for murdering Broomham's wife Martha, and their son Robert after they discovered them together on the downs. Unfortunately for the lovers, the murder was witnessed by "Mad Thomas", who managed to convey what he had seen to the authorities.
A replica gibbet marks the site. The original was destroyed many years ago and subsequent replicas have been replaced several times.
Nowadays it is a popular local tourist attraction with good views of the surrounding area. It is also popular with hang gliders and paragliders.

Interesting history there. However, for me, it's a good photography spot. Berkshire, my home county, is very flat, and there is little in the way of real landscapes. Up here, very close to the highest spot for miles, you can actually see more than a few hundred yards!
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Dredging the Canal
I live right next to the Kennet and Avon Canal. Recently (Spring 2020) it looks like some effort has been made with the waterway.

Most recently they did a severe cutback of much of the weeds and greenery choking the banks, but over several weeks dredging of some sort has taken place. The dredging gentlemen have chucked whatever they found up near the bank, presumably for later collection by the rubbish gents. Here is what I found along the way. Various Sigma, Sony and Pentax cameras.
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