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I visit Savill Garden. Since its creation in the 1930s, The Savill Garden has been an inspiration for all. This natural haven of beautifully designed gardens and woodland can be enjoyed by everyone, from dedicated horticulturists to those who just want to spend a relaxing day out with family or friends. The 35 acres of interconnected gardens include the Hidden Gardens, Spring Wood, the Summer Gardens, the New Zealand Garden, Summer Wood, The Glades, Autumn Wood and the Winter Beds.
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64  A cobweb catches the sunlight

70  I confess to not knowing what these red berry sprigs are called. Names are fairly unimportant to me

71  But I know these are hydrangeas. What brilliant colours

72  Somebody once told me that blue doesn't exist in nature! I told him to ask the poison arrow frog and the hydrangeas

80  The camera didn't lie. It really was that colour

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