An Autumn Diary - Page 1

Autumn inexorably follows summer, appearing almost without being noticed as August fades away.

This is my first Autumn album, showing how early September turns nature into red and gold

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10  The first toadstool! But already busted.

11  Early September, and blackberry bushes seem to be the first to turn red and golden

12  and blotchy

13  Still a few blackberries around ....

14  ... but struggling to turn black

18  Early victims of autumnal browning

19  Will they ever turn black?

20  Beautiful shades of red

21  Chestnuts are always a good autumn indicator

25  Utterly glorious colours

28  A stray ray of sunshine catches leaves just on the turn

30  I think it's bindweed. They come into their own late in the year

31  A stray ray of sunshine

33  An oak leaf is on its way to brown

35  Blackberries? What blackberries?

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