An Autumn Diary - Page 2

Our Autumn Diary continues with another page of pictures. Ferns are in abundance.

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38  Stray rays of sun poke through the canopy ...

39  ... and pick out single objects

41  Look! My first blotches!

42  Nettles are still abundant, waiting to sting little guys

44  This is the time of the year when ferns show the most beautiful golds and oranges

45  The sun peeks through the trees, backlighting an oak leaf

46  Chestnuts, but too soon to be roasting on an open fire

48  Ferns at this time of the year are possibly the most colourful things to be seen

51  Every colour of the red end of the rainbow plus a very edible looking blackberry

52  A dry summer means that acorns are in short supply this year. Instead there's some knobbly thing

53  New pine cones start to appear

55  Just a baby, but going brown nevertheless

58  A fern, still green, and looking beautiful backlit

60  A dead leaf captured in a cobweb on a sign showing where the footpath goes

61  Purples, greens and golds in a meadow of ferns and heather

63  Toadstools will soon be everywhere. This group were well hidden

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