Yes, as it says above, this is, the personal website of a guy called, perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, Alan.

alansworld {at} [] will find me, should you care to discuss anything I've written about. I welcome any feedback.

March 2021: I seem to have developed diabetes! Read all about it right here

I am 100% ambidextrous. Read about my ambidexterity right here.

Since I don't have a section for this, I'll include it here:
The Elgato Stream Deck. A multi-purpose piece of desktop hardware.
(Not to be confused with the Steam Deck, which is a handheld gaming device from Steam.)

I am a Taphophile

Let's talk about my incurable chronic mental aberration, taphophilia, and have a look at some pictures which explain the condition. Hint: a taphophile is a grave hunter and photographer. If you don't need to read about my taphophilia you can hop straight over to
My catalog of grave photography albums

This is an extra album: The Parched Cemetery Pictures of a cemetery baking in the drought and heat

Regarding the DJI Mini drone

On 10 May 2022 DJI released the Mini 3. Greatly anticipated, most of its details had been leaking for several weeks before the announcement, so there were no real surprises when it was officially announced.

However, it offers not really very much over the Mini 2 - for twice the price! Therefore . . .

You really should get a DJI Mini 2 drone! Let me enlighten you

Tutorial on how to get not only the video from your latest flight, but also how to get hold of the flight records and decode / decrypt them into a useable CSV file containing SOOOOO much information. You'll see how I use this data in my home-brew software.

Do you want telemetry subtitles in your DJI Mini 2 movies? Height, speed, distance? This is how
Imagine your DJI Mini 2 movies with a subtitle at the bottom of the picture, updating every one second, showing distance, height and speed. It can be done, and quite easily, providing you're a Mac and Final Cut user.

All About Photography

§   Foveon? Quattro? The Sigma Domain
I want to talk about the Sigma Quattro and Foveon sensors - what they are, how they differ from the more usual and normal Bayer sensors, and about the difficulties and differences about processing their RAW files, which have the X3F extension. Let's learn about why you won't be processing an X3F in Lightroom, ON1, Affinity or DxO, to name but a few. No, you're going to have take a different approach.
Read my article about Quattro / Foveon / X3F.
Then read about which of today's common RAW tools opens Sigma DNG files with a few mentions of the X3F format.

§   RAW Photographs
... their many application software packages filtered down to two one, and the use of a control surface I talk about how I've reduced the vast number of RAW processing software packages down to just two that work well and work quickly enough that you don't need to go get a coffee every time you click Process. Of these applications only one will work completely and efficiently with a control surfaces - the Behringer X-Touch Compact.
Read about The Behringer X-Touch Compact, an excellent way to do Lightroom.

§   Sterling Cables: A piece of Newbury History
This is my look at a piece of Newbury history - an illustrated look at the old Sterling Cables site, which featured the derelict cable building, once the tallest building/eyesore in the town, now demolished

§   Greenham Common
This is a series of my photograph albums about Greenham Common, near Newbury, Berkshire, in central south England. I live in Newbury, and the Common is where I'm often to be found, invariably with one or more of my cameras slung around my neck. It's a wonderful and often quite surprising place, and my intention here is to give you a flavour of what it was, by looking at how it looks today.
Greenham Common used to be an American nuclear airbase, until that closed, roughly at the same time as the Cold War was called off, and they ripped it up with big yellow tractors and things. But they left behind many many enticing clues and photogenic reminders of its past. So this is my acknowledgment and thanks to those who, when ripping up the former airbase, left us those reminders of what it was.

§   Greenham Common from a Drone
A series of DJI Mini drone photographs, showing some features of Greenham Common from above.

§   My Own Photographs
This is an album, called The Abandoned Cricket Pitch. It's a collection of sepia pics of a cricket pitch which has more or less been left to nature.

In the Spooky Forest. This is an album of pictures from the haunted spooky forest.

My Own Music Performances

For a number of years I've been arranging and performing mainly classical music pieces. The method was to plug a MIDI keyboard into the computer (Mac more recently, Windows in the past) and use a piece of software to capture and then correct, amend and mix the piece into a finished music file.

So click through and listen to a handful of my favourite pieces.

Consuming, sanitising, and displaying weather information from an API. See how it's done using a combination of Python and XOJO.