The Secret Hidden Artefact Valley

There is a place on the common which you will never find unless you know where to look. I was told about it and went to investigate.

I followed my instructions and thought, this can`t be right, this is just an impenetrable wall of trees and undergrowth! But I persevered and finally found my access point, gathering numerous thorn injuries as I entered.

And there, below me, in a hidden valley, was this horde of 50 or 60 year old memories of the airbase.

There is much more to see beyond what I show you here but you are going to need serious waterproof footwear to get to it, as this is a VERY damp and sloppy valley once you go further downhill.

Please don`t ask me for directions, and you won`t spot it on Google Earth. This place needs to be allowed to continue to deteriorate gracefully.

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A nuclear bomb holding bracket. (Well, it COULD be!)

An aeroplane nose wheel?

What? You don`t know what a White TW3 is? Shame on you!!

Part of the original red button: bombs away! (Well, probably not)

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