The Hidden Pond

I flew my drone one day at the common, as I often do, and upon examining the video footage later, I spotted a glint of reflection from the sun. This looked like a small pond in the video.

Of course I had to investigate. Could it be that in all my years of wandering around on the common there was a pond I didn`t know about?

Sure enough, there it was. No wonder I didn`t know about it - it`s hidden away behind dense vegetation and small trees, and it was quite a task to get down to it.

It`s of no great size or depth, yet has a strange air of mystery about it. Like the Fenced Lake, about which I`ve also written here, it`s a barometer of climate, varying between two or three feet in depth and completely dried up. There is evidence that it has at times been of a much more considerable depth, maybe ten or twelve feet, but that would need an enormously extended period of rain, rain, rain.

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