Just Miscellaneous

Every time I go for a walk on the common I spot something different.

Herewith some pictures of various sights and scenes on the common which don`t really merit their own album.

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A huge featureless concrete block on the edge of a stand of trees

Near the car park. Rumours that it`s ticking are untrue!

Brrrr, not for me thanks!

Chuck in a stone, simultaneously click the shutter!

One of only a couple of ponds that never completely dry up, but this one is getting there

So I like to chuck stones into ponds. Live with it.

The gravel slope at far left shows the water depth in wetter times

They left the flagpole behind

Nobody seems to know what these are. There are about 6 of them altogether

A fairly recent addition. I suppose you would call these a single sculpture

There are several small fenced-off areas. Who knows why!

I have no idea why!

Recently they rebuilt this gate - carefully adding barbed wire - right next to the always-open wooden gate! Why?

Nature always wins in the end

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