The Fenced Lake

Point G on the overhead. Neither completely fenced nor really a lake, more a pond, this feature has fascinated me for years. It lies at a point which is fairly close to a convenient side of road parking spot and is perfect for a quick walk.

On careful examination it becomes clear that it is not a natural feature, but has been formed from human excavation of who knows what. Remains of a road can be seen. The fence keeps people away from an area of landslip.

The lake/pond is a good indicator of the amount of recent rainfall. During wet times it can be perhaps two or three feet in depth, but during a hot summer it dries up completely. If any water is present you will sometimes see cattle having a drink there.

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I've mixed these up in squence so you can see the varying water levels

You can just see the tarmac of the old road above the yellowish gravel

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