Explaining my approach to CSS Style Sheets

On the previous page I explained how I discovered the third method of styling your HTML, and how I wrote a collection of individual style statements which could be applied to elements on the page. Now I'll show you not only how I remember all the definitions, but also how to define a class string to use them.

This is my CSS String Assemble program when it's first opened:

and this is further down the app display:

clicking on a definition containg a colour makes the right-hand box turn that colour:

To assemble a class string, scroll down through the definitions, double-clicking on the definition you want to use. Here's one in progress:

Then, when it's done, click on 'Wrap and copy to clipboard' and the statement is topped and tailed, ready for pasting into the editor:

So there it is. The third method of defining styles, and a program to help you assemble a string of styles.