The Spooky Forest in Black and White

Hidden away somewhere in the south of England lies The Spooky Forest.

Impenetrable in places, it shows evidence of having been there for many hundreds of years. The few pathways which lead into it do not go far. To go further into its depths require you to do battle with spiky and thorny brambles and hidden branches. But, deep within its hidden secrets you stumble across mysterious brick structures. What could they be?

Stop for a moment, and listen: nothing. The silence is total, there is not a sound. Except ... what was that, off somewhere to your right? A twig snaps. It is said that the forest is haunted. There are tales of a three-headed man, nearly three metres tall, and always dressed in suit and tie. Then there are other stories, of indescribable beings - perhaps monsters? Fairies are said to inhabit the forest, though they have never been seen. It can only be guessed where these creatures live.

I risked life and limb recently and penetrated as far as I could with a camera. Here is what I found:

As can clearly be seen in the photographs, the forest is ancient. Trees have died and fallen due to sheer old age, though now, in April, green shoots and delicate spring flowers are managing to poke through.

But let us now consider the mysterious structures, hidden away deep into the forest. We start with a fairly large structure.