Quite possibly you'll have spotted that I'm a big fan of Greenham Common, the history of which I won't go into here. There are numerous lakes and ponds dotted about the common, many of which are the result of the removal of underground artefacts when the common was closed as an airbase and returned to the public. Fuel tanks are one example of such underground oddities.

There's one such pond which, for some reason, has often fascinated me. I have no doubt it's artificial, post-removal of something or other, and there are little ground features which bear this out. Odd bits of cable snaking out of the ground, and many bits of broken brickwork, for example.

I call this pond the Fenced Lake, because of the fenced-off section preventing Joe Public slithering down the loose earth and drowning. Lake is too grand a word for it really as it's no more than a pond, but you might be able to tell from the pics how deep it's capable of becoming.

This album is a bit of fun, featuring the Fenced Lake as its star. We start with a short (3 mins) movie taken from aloft, with my DJI Phantom quadcopter. This was originally 4K movie material, but is reduced to 960x540 for the web, and was taken during the heat of summer, when there had been very little rain for a while, and the grandeur of the pond was reduced to one or two embarrassed little puddles.

Then, more recently, January and early February 2016 to be exact, we've had a LOT of rain, and this has entirely altered our lake.

So this album continues with another movie, again, 3 minutes or so, of it after the rain. Rather than taken from aloft with the DJI Phantom, this one is taken from the ground, with the DJI OSMO, a 4K camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal. The gimbal ensures rock-steady video, as you will see when you see the second movie, which is again presented at 960x540.

The movies are presented as HTML5 encoding, and may not show if you're using an ancient browser.

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