On the film set of Star Wars

Have you seen the new Star Wars film? Officially it's called Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens. If you do see it, look out for some of the action taking place at the location I'm showing you in these pictures. Then after you've seen it, come back and look at these pictures again.

The pictures are of the GAMA area at Greenham Common, right here in little old Newbury, where I live. GAMA stands for GLCM Alert and Maintenance Area (GLCM itself stands for Ground Launched Cruise Missile). The GAMA is one of the few remaining reminders of the Common's original purpose, a US nuclear airbase during the Cold War.

There's no way you're getting any closer to the six massive bunkers than I did when taking the pictures; it's tucked away behing triple-fencing (quadruple in certain parts) and is regularly patrolled by security. However, in one or two of the pictures you'll possibly spot evidence of outer fence breaches by would-be explorers, and as you stroll around the perimeter you will see dozens, if not hundreds, of fence repairs following such attempts.

Apart from the six enormous bunkers there is a handful of other small buildings, as well as a very large area of empty, though concreted, ground. I don't know who currently owns the area (it's in private hands I undertstand) though it is apparently available for industrial purposes. When I took these pics there were a number of shipping containers parked there, as well as what appeared to be new cars, presumably awaiting collection. At one time, for a few weeks only, the gates were thrown open and a Sunday morning open air market took place - exploring was strongly discouraged!

I've copied a couple of photos from aerial photography album into this album, showing the GAMA from aloft.














This is adjacent. It's to do with drainage.




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