There is a wonderful place, previously associated with the Greenham Common airbase, but not physically located within its main boundary, which I call The Secret Hidden Bomb Dump. Its previous use was to unload, store and load heavy artillery, mainly bombs (not nuclear) for the airbase. It was off the main site for safety reasons. Wandering about, you can see the old loading platforms, and areas separated by mounds of earth, designed to contain any inadvertent explosions.

Nowadays it's a wonderful explore. There's a main footpath circling around a central fenced-off area - though I don't believe there's anything of interest left within this area. You can see the knocked-down remains of a couple of brick buildings dotted about. These were knocked down to remove a hideout for druggies, though the piles of rubble were left as a haven for various lizards and such like.

But in particular, it's set in an area of ancient natural woodland. The trees are clearly very old, so it seems likely that the dump was originally built in and around the woodland.

I don't think I'm going to tell you where this magic place is actually situated, as it's precious, unspoiled, and very quiet. Usually you won't see another soul there if you stroll around.

The visit I'm illustrating below was made on an early Spring day. It was getting late in the day, and the sun was low in the sky and casting a lovely golden light. The woodsmen had been busy and there was plenty of raw chopped wood to photograph.

The first picture in the set happens to be one of my most favourite pictures, possibly even THE most favourite.

Some arboriculture had been under way, and I had a very pleasant chat to a woodsman. I love this picture, and it's possibly my most favourite among the hundreds of thousands I've taken











Part of the many hundreds of yards of loading platform brickwork, much of which is now barely visible



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