This is a handful of still frame grabs from 4k movie clips taken from my DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

The Phantom, with its excellent 4K camera, mounted on a 3-axis gimbal, is capable of extraordinary video quality - never mind its extraordinary flying ability. It'll go up to around 40mph, and up to the legal maximum height of 400 feet.

These pictures are selected from the Phantom's 4K movie material. The raw frame grabs were imported into LightRoom, where I slightly adjusted colour and/or contrast where necessary, and reduced them in size from their 3840 pixel width down to 1800 x 1013 for use here.

In the pictures you can see:
The firemens' practice plane
A mysterious little boarded-up building
The old HQ, now in use as offices
General views, including the runway, now torn up but clearly obvious
The 6 gigantic nuclear bunkers, known as the GAMAs
The big ponds, which I think are the holes left after various structures, possibly fuel storage, were dismantled
What used to be the running and athletics track when it was a US airbase, but is now in private hands

As a matter of interest, and as an example of the clarity of the Phantom visual material, have a look at top dead centre in the 4th picture, see that needle sticking up: that is Hannington radio/TV mast. According to Google Earth it's exactly 6 miles away!




The firemens' practice plane


In the foreground is the old HQ. Centre-left is the old armoury. I believe that it's now in use as an ultra-secure data centre.

There's Hannington transmitter mast top centre - 6 miles away

The remains of the 2-mile long runway are clearly visible



The 6 GAMA bunkers. See also my Star Wars album



There's the armoury building again








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