On this page I'm bringing you some of my photographs from Greenham Common. Suffice it to say that the common is the former US nuclear airbase in Berkshire, now flattened and returned for the use of Mr Joe Public, though some artefacts remain following the demolition. There's a massive amount of info about the common on the interwebs, so do a Google if you want to know more. It's one of my favourite locations for walking, photography, and flying my 2 quadcopters and my hexacopter (not at the same time!)

This particular Sunday, mid-January, dawned sunny and bright, a welcome change from days and days of dull greyness and rain, so I had to get out with the Pentax K-3 and my lovely 15mm lens and have a quick look.

Some of these are black and white, which I love. One is black and white with an additional characteristic cyanotype blue tinge. They are presented at about one-third size from the original 25 megapixel 4000 x 6016.

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