The NIK Photo Filters

I'm very fond of the NIK collection of photographic software filters. NIK were originally a standalone company, and the filters were darned expensive! Then Google bought them out and offered the collection for free. Most recently DxO took them over, and now they're expensive again.

The filters consist of various sets, namely Analog FX, Dfine, HDR Efex, Sharpener, Viveza, Color Efex and Silver Efex. You can easily search for info on these, but my own personal favourites are the latter two, Color and Silver Efex.

Here I'm bringing you a handful of examples of what these packages can do, all based upon the original image of a summertime cow. Notes accompany each picture to explain which filter of which package has been used. Note that each filter has been applied without any additional adjustments having been made within the filter. But there are numerous powerful adjustments that can be applied to individual filters.

You can click any picture to see a bigger version, 1500 pixels wide, in a new window

226  The original, developed to taste from a TIFF. This cow is possibly called Daisy - who knows?

227  Starting with Color Efex: Monday Morning neutral. The Monday Morning and Midnight filters have to be my favourites

228  Monday Morning blue

229  Monday Morning green

230  Monday Morning violet

231  Midnight neutral

232  Midnight blue

233  Midnight green

234  Midnight violet

235  Bleach Bypass

236  Color Styliser

237  Cross Balance

238  Dark Contrasts

239  Film Efex : Nostalgic

240  Indian Summer

241  Infra Red

242  Old Photo

243  Solarisation. There are numerous variants in this filter

244  Vignette Blur

245  Now, moving on to Silver Efex. This is Full Dynamic - Smooth

246  This, my favourite Silver Efex variation, is called Wet Rocks

247  Film Noir III

248  Antique Plate II

249  Fine Art Process, with an additional frame added.

I hope these examples have illustrated the depth and range of the effects obtainable from the NIK collection.

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