An honest mistake with my DJI Mini 2!

One day, not long ago, I was out on Greenham Common flying my DJI Mini 2. I was practicing various manoeuvres, intended to achieve that lovely smooth look, without any sudden turns and so on, the so-called (an overused expression) cinematic look. Then I decided to go up to the legal maximum of 400 feet.

Well, I thought I had set the maximum altitude to 400 feet in the drone setting, the legal maximum. It transpired that I hadn't; I kept ascending and ascending until I glanced at my iPhone screen: 610 feet! Huh? I am so illegal! But it was a genuine mistake, even if it was delicious! I have since set the maximum to 400 feet. An examination of the logs later revealed I had been up to 610.24 feet.

Another day, more recently, this happened::..