Greenham Common : Antenna Guy Rope Supports

No, not aerial people, but the guy rope securing rings. These are situated atop just about the highest point of the airfield, and well away from flight paths. The four massive concrete blocks each hold an embedded iron ring, to which is attached another ring. In the aerial picture can be seen the central point between the four guying positions which will have borne the antenna mast itself. Nothing remains of the central point.

I have read speculation by others that these guy points were intended to be the support moorings for barrage balloons. I suggest that this is nonsense - there was no aerial threat to the base when it was in use, and anyway, why would you want to put 4 barrage balloons together in such close proximity? Furthermore, there would be lots of such supports dotted around, which there is not. No, they are antenna guy rope support points.

A Google Earth shot. You can see the four concrete positions and where the antenna itself would sit