Greenham Common : Various Buildings

Of what must have been many many buildings on the original airbase site just a small handful remain. Here are some pictures of some of the survivors.

A Google Earth capture of a small electrical substation

Boarded up. Knuckledraggers had gained entrance and essentially destroyed the electrical fittings in order to steal copper

You can see the conduit where cables had run

Situated near the firemens practice plane, I have no idea what this building was

I call it the Bat Building, as at one time there was a sign advising people not to disturb the bats which make it their home

There you can see a large concrete square pipe sticking out of its side

The pipe has been blocked with concrete

Not much to see through the hole somebody has broken into the building

A Google Earth view of what you will see in the next pictures

A very impenetrable and probably pretty bomb-proof bunker. Nowadays it is in private hands in use as an ultra secure data storage facility.

The command and Control building. Nowadays in use as offices or small manufacturing

A closer view of that hatch which can be seen in the previous pictures