Greenham Common : The Artesian Well and Chlorination Building

Either Newbury said No, get your own water, or perhaps the Americans simply wanted their own water is not now known. So they found a deep artesian well and built this infrastructure around it.

What we have is a building in which various pumps were installed, plus a chlorination plant. Attached to this building are an electrical substation, presumably to provide electricity to power the pumps and so on.

Once again, it is a mystery as to why the airbase demolishers opted to leave this installation undemolished. However, those who are without scruple or respect, and whose knuckles quite probably drag along the ground when they walk, have chosen to do their own demolition, and have taken things apart in the substation on the search for valuable scrap copper. In addition, these morons have bashed a hole in the wall in order to penetrate the pump building. I do wish people would leave valuable and interesting reminders of the past alone. Oh well.

The pump building and, to its right, the substation

There are warnings about what to do in the event of a chlorine leak

At some point an attempt has been made to gain entry via the roof

Our first glimpse of the substation

What a mess the imbeciles left behind

That hole I mentioned

A glimpse through the hole

Around the back of the building we find evidence of underground mysteries