Greenham Common : The Secret Hidden Bomb Dump

I call this location the Secret Hidden Bomb Dump for good reasons. Certainly, it was most definitely secret back in the day; hidden, because unless you know where to look you will most definitely not find it; and Bomb Dump because that’s what it was.

Nowadays it’s well overgrown and nature is taking over. It’s situated right in the middle of dense and beautiful ancient woodland. As I said in my Greenham introduction, the old airbase consisted not only of the main airfield, which is clearly delineated, but there were also several off-site areas and compounds. This is one of those.

The first hint that this is NOT just ancient woodland

An elderly road, now leading precisely nowhere

A hard-standing or parking area

A gate which opens to ... nothing really

An object set in the ground just off the old road

Another object in the ground

There was a handful of small building on the site, now knocked down, but left for us to gaze at, and wonder what they were

Here we see loading bays, for want of a better description

Difficult to see with the undergrowth, but all along these platforms were earth ridges, probably to contain any accidental explosions

You can see an iron ring, presumably to run ropes through when hauling bombs off trucks

One of the iron rings

Did I mention ancient woodland?

It doesn't get much nicer than this, as seen in the late afternoon sunshine