Greenham Common : The Fenced Lake

This little lake - more of a pond really, I suppose - fascinates me. It’s very conveniently situated quite close to one of the common’s easy access points, where there’s always parking to be had, so it’s a great place to go if you have time only for maybe a short quick walk.

It’s also quite intriguing. As you’ll see in the pictures, it’s clearly not natural, the giveaway being the remnants of a road leading to it. The lake is obviously a hole left when something was dug up and removed by the airbase demolishers.

It’s also, in my view, a fine barometer of how much rain we’ve had recently, with its depth varying from zero during a hot period to over a metre when there’s been a lot of rain.

I’m starting the album off with a short video of the lake, shot from aloft with my Phantom quadcopter.

No rain and a hot summer have sent the water in the lake away. Cattle snack on the undergrowth

You looking at me or the lake?

There has been a fair amount of rain

Why I call it the Fenced Lake

After a LOT of rain

Showing where an old road abruptly ends

Those big trees are growing from where that old road would have been

Finally, a good Google Earth view. There is now no trace or hint of that road.