This is and I'm Alan and you may call me Alan because that's my name

This is all about The Flamewheel project - it's the story of how I built from scratch a DJI Flamewheel F550 hexacopter

I already own a DJI Phantom 2 Vision, but felt I was ready to move on and up. I'm confident and competent with the four-engined Phantom, and I like DJI's products, so I decided to go for the six-engined F550. It's not available RTF (ready to fly) and has to be built almost from the ground up.

This is the illustrated story of the build, together with loads and loads of information, opinion and how-tos here, which I hope will be useful to anybody intending to take on a Flamewheel F550 hexacopter.

Get in touch about Flamewheels at alan {at}

I ordered the Flamewheel kit and the first batch of associated requirements on 25 September 2014 from RC Geeks, an excellent supplier, from whom I bought the Phantom as well as my radio controlled car. It all arrived the following morning.

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And some pictures of the finished Flamewheel, with Lillie, its pilot:

I've barely mentioned the radio control transmitter and the Black Pearl monitor, so here's a couple of pictures:
Little stick-on reminders of the three important battery voltages - full, getting low, LAND!

A new GPS puck holder, which folds down: