Bunhill Fields Burial Ground

The City of London

These photographs were taken in 2010 with a Canon EOS300D, but this is such a wonderful place that I'm unlikely to revisit any time soon, so I thought I'd add it here as a special album. I no longer have the original RAW photographs, and these few pics are all that remain of my visit there.

First and most important thing to note: burial grounds, not cemetery.

What's the difference? Cemeteries are consecrated. Because Bunhill Fields was originally designated for dissenters and non-conformists, it was never consecrated, and is thus called a burial ground. Around 4 acres, it's the last resting place for an estimated 120,000 bodies, including three of Britain's most eminent nonconformists. It's no longer in use for new interments, and hasn't been for a long time.

It's right in the centre of the City of London (NB: not London, the capital city in general, but the City of London, merely a square mile or so, the financial district to all intents and purposes), and is the only remaining burial ground in the capital.

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