St Marys

Cholsey, Oxfordshire

Cholsey is in Oxfordshire, a large village, it lies not far from Didcot, which was until quite recently home to a massive coal-fired power station. St Mary's is a fairly sizeable church, with a large graveyard containing comfortably spaced graves, and no overcrowding. A sign near the entrance to the graveyard warns us to be on the lookout for old bones! Apparently bunny rabbits have been burrowing and unearthing said examples of anatomy!

There rests in the graveyard one well-known and important incumbent, together with her husband. You'll have to look at all the other pictures first before I present her grave in the last two pictures out of about 40

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The author of many many detective novels, Agatha Christie

A quaint stile at the end of the graveyeard leads to.....

All around the church red kites, which were once been a great rarity in the UK and are now becoming quite common, silently swoop, surfing the breeze

Very unusual and rare, spikes are set into the stone

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