Southampton Old Cemetery

Southampton, Hampshire

This is the glorious and beautiful Southampton Old Cemetery. The cemetery has had various titles including The Cemetery by the Common, Hill Lane Cemetery and is currently known as Southampton Old Cemetery. An Act of Parliament was required in 1843 to acquire the land, and it covers an area of 27 acres. The total number of burials is estimated at 116,800. Currently there are no new burials other than about 6 to 8 burials a year to existing family plots.

It is a lovely cemetery; wildly overgrown, and thus home to numerous rare and not so rare flowers, plants and birds. Indeed during my recent visit I heard birds I had never previously heard. Bold grey squirrels are in abundance.

I took a lot of pictures on my visit, and so my Old Cemetery record here at CallMeAlan is split into four albums of about 30 pictures each

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Our first rather unusual grave

This lady is Grade II listed

The one and only mausoleum in the cemetery

Southampton is of course large and important port, and thus there are quite a few graves of clearly maritime incumbents

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