St Paul's

Ashford Hill, Hampshire

Ashford Hill is a small place in Hampshire. As is often the case, the church is to be found somewhat outside the main part of the village, but is easily spotted due to its size, which seems disproportionately large in the context of the size of the village.

It's a bit strange at St Paul's. Great swathes of the land around it are devoid of graves, yet down at the end there's a big collection of gravestones, all leaning against each other. It's almost as though someone's taken a big brush and swept all the gravestones into a corner.

Ronald Alfred Goodwin was an English composer and conductor known for his film music. He scored over 70 films in a career lasting over fifty years. His most famous works included Where Eagles Dare, Battle of Britain, 633 Squadron the Margaret Rutherford's Miss Marple films, and Frenzy. His grave is to be found here.

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But where are the graves?

What's over there in the corner?

Ah, graves, and quite a few of them apparently

Most peculiar

And no longer readable. You can perhaps see how difficult matters underfoot were

The memorial to Mr Ron Goodwin

A very fine example of a phenomenon called delamination, where the front stratum of the sandstone has parted company with the rest

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