Shaw Cemetery, Newbury

This more recent cemetery relieves Newtown Road Cemetery, Newbury's original cemetery, which is now no longer used for new burials.

Being newer, it's rather less attractive than Newtown Road. It's situated on the edge of town, next to farmland, and its open location makes it subject to miserable damp breezes. I'm including these pictures to show the comparison to the very much nicer Newtown Road.

A few years ago I was commissioned by a lady in America to photograph the grave of a relative who had been buried here. All I had was the decedent's name. I was able, through records, to identify the approximate location of the grave, but finding it seemes to be fruitless. Eventually I found it. It turned out to be no more than a square foot of inscribed stone set level with the ground surface - and the cemetery had recently been mown, so it was partly covered by grass clippings. However, I broke one of my rules (don't touch!) cleaned it up, and fulfilled my obligation.

Pentax K-1. Samyang 14mm ED AS IF UMC f/2.8. Sigma dp0 Quattro.