Lightroom and the Behringer X-Touch Compact

Adobe LightRoom and
The Behringer X-Touch Compact ...

A big beautiful control surface which makes LR sing and dance!

It's not part of my job to go into how you install LRControl. Very clear instructions are to be found on the Peltmade website, and the install is easy.

I do think that, before you go any further, you should decide what functions or activities you want to assign and to which knobs, buttons or sliders. If you already have the overlays and the labels, get stuck in and do all the labelling. Those Avery labels are peelable, so if you change your mind at any point - just peel off labels and stick them elsewhere.

When you're ready, plug in your control surface and launch LR. LRControl is an LR plugin, and appears under the LR File menu, Plugin Extras, where you will find Controller Setup. This is the heart of LRControl, where you'll designate the action to be assigned to each control.

I always think pictures and a bit of video speak louder than words, so here we go with my tutorial:

First, a short video tutorial about the LRControl Controller Setup module. This is where you'll be doing all the work of setting up your controller.

Next, a short video showing LR's controls and sliders moving as I work with the Behringer.

Finally, a short video demonstrating something you might find surprising, even astounding, and showing why you should use and work with the Behringer.

So there you go, LightRoom Classic being driven in a very responsive and satisfying way by a Behringer X-Touch Compact control surface via the excellent Peltmade LRControl plugin software. With a carefully and comprehensively set up control surface I would defy you to use anything BUT the control surface to edit your pictures; slide the mouse off out of the way, shove the keyboard out under the screen, because you ain't gonna need 'em!!

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